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a small group of car drivers who arrange to take turns driving while the others are passengers

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Jordanian Mais Kanaan, 23, on the other hand said she would not carpool with anyone, especially me, n because it is culturally unacceptable.
Adults can send a simultaneous text to all the children in the carpool in case of changes or other eventualities.
One-way rentals between Lufthansa CarPool locations are possible and serve to increase vehicle flexibility.
Bhandari added; "If even 5% of the 85 lakh-strong working population of Delhi and NCR opt for carpools, it will be a milestone achievement for us and will go a long way in reducing traffic and pollution during this important international event".
The reasons for this are anyone's guess, but it's clear that carpool lanes aren't doing a good job of getting people out of their cars at rush hour.
For those consumers who would consider carpooling, 66 percent would carpool for $30 or less in savings per week.
The carpool segment is being aired since July 9 in the two chronically traffic congested metros and is empowering listeners to actively participate in reducing traffic by making carpools through the radio station.
5, but commuters like Chris Crabtree - who is in a registered 3+ carpool - isn't going to feel the pinch.
Contract notice: Carpool the municipality of linkE[micro]ping.
Passengers can request to be picked up at home by an Uber to take them to the starting point of their carpool, and then request an Uber at the arrival point to take them to their exact destination, if needed C all from within the carpooling app.
New Delhi, Jan 9 (ANI/Business Wire India): India's first carpool website, Indimoto.
Tenders are invited for Web-Based Real time Carpool Matching Service.
Motorists and passengers can use the simple and easy to use app to find someone suitable to carpool with reducing motoring or traveling costs by up to 75%.
After registering on the site and providing information about source and destination addresses (such as home and work), CarpoolAssist provides contact information for similarly-placed users looking to carpool, and users can then contact each other to work out the details.