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Commercial long-term care (LTC) and rehabilitation facilities have seen the same trends, and today many organizations are using their remodeling phases as a chance to explore the options today's carpeting can provide.
Eco-Green[R] is comprised of plant based ingredients to clean carpeting without the negative effects associated with other formulas in the industry.
This article will give you a basic background in carpet styles and quality and discuss the primary things to think about when you're shopping for new carpeting. We'll give you tips on what to look for as well as what to look out for.
In 1974, Weiss got his first taste of commercial real estate, buying 569 Broadway in Massapequa, a 2,200-square-foot property, which he completely renovated for his carpeting business.
Instead of synthetic carpeting, Spector suggests a natural-fiber throw rug made of wool, cotton, jute or sea grass.
Producing recycled carpet padding involves the efforts of a number of industries and businesses working together, including carpeting and padding installers, retailers, materials brokers, padding manufacturers and padding recycling companies.
After moving furniture, he thoroughly vacuums the carpeting using a commercial vacuum with a sub-micron bag to remove all the dry soil.
The objective of this study was to test the feasibility and effectiveness of inexpensive, practical interventions to reduce indoor HDM allergen levels in the bed, bedroom carpeting, and upholstered furniture in low-income, urban homes.
Imagine buying new carpeting only to find that it smells like cat urine.
An effective carpet maintenance program can increase the life span of carpeting and provide the best return on investment.
Making the right carpeting decision doesn't have to be a puzzle anymore ...
"The industry's component identification code, printed on the back of carpeting, permits more efficient sorting for recycling in the future, so the more valuable polymers can be reused in the manufacturing process," Sellers said.
Polyurethane backing and cushion has enhanced the durability of carpeting
Daimer[R]'s carpet cleaners allow religious institutions to clean carpeting deeply, just like the professional contractors do now.
You can tell which direction the nap is running by rubbing your hand over the carpeting and watching which way the fibers fall or stand up.