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Antonyms for carpeted

covered with or as if with carpeting or with carpeting as specified


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Carpet maintenance in commercial settings is best done with versatile carpet cleaning machines capable of efficiently extracting, containing, and disposing of dirt deposits and other particles removed from carpeted surfaces.
Then position the new threshold farther into the carpeted room to compensate for the width you trimmed off.
Intier reprocesses multi-material scrap from the car maker's carpet-covered PP parts back into specific carpeted interior parts.
2 -- 3 -- color) Above, Brianna Beach, 6, and brother Tyler, 3, play together in her room, which features a neon green carpet remnant over the main wall-to-wall covering; and interior designer Angela Beach, above right, enjoys some time at home with her youngsters in one of the lushly carpeted main rooms.
A floating vacuum shoe follows the contours of uneven floors to ensure every carpeted area is properly cleaned.
Building owners and managers employ different ceiling, sound masking, and furniture systems, as well as carpeted floors, to improve acoustics.
House dust samples collected from three sampling sites (a bed; a carpeted bedroom floor; and a frequently used upholstered sofa or chair) during a screening visit were subjected to allergen analysis.