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presumptuously seeking success or a position in a new locality


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Despite that admission, Sullivan called Wynes' "carpetbagging" accusation hypocritical.
When any carpetbagging tech company steps outside its core competency and gets into original programming, there's always the risk of producing bad product that reflects an underestimation of what it takes to manufacture quality.
Rifkind is carpetbagging in leafy Kensington now having been wiped out in the Scottish backlash against Thatcherism.
He has already admitted taking money from the families who financed Salvadoran death squads whose murder victims included Roman Catholic priests and nuns; what worse carpetbagging might his tax returns reveal?
That has prompted accusations - which Hamilton denies - of carpetbagging from White's supporters.
He ran a site called in the late nineties when the UK saw a wave of building society demutualisations creating windfalls for long-term members as well as for opportunistic individuals opening accounts who later became known as "carpet-t baggers".
What we have now is "disaster capitalism", which is Naomi Klein's phrase for what carpetbagging free marketeers do when everything has fallen apart.
But while many local artists had nothing but praise for Godot, more than a few strenuously admonished its organizers and other "carpetbagging" outsiders for their approach to creating Katrina-related pieces.
First came Thomas Dixon, a North Carolinian whose novel, The Clansman, alleged that vengeful blacks and carpetbagging Republicans violated the white South's rights.
The European Tour is to tighten up its membership qualifications to prevent the best players carpetbagging their $20million Race to Dubai jackpot.
While Chan is not participating in the biennial, his project demonstrated that contemporary artists could bring something positive to the city: Despite apprehensions that this erudite artist's project would constitute a kind of carpetbagging, it ended up both working as an art project and being welcomed by residents.
(The partial exception was Ron Paul, who, like Barr, had to overcome criticism that he was a carpetbagging conservative.
MIDLAND investors have been alerted that 1990s-style carpetbagging could be on the way back with three or four-figure windfalls up for grabs.
"In the last days of the electoral count, certain Republican leaders had secretly promised that if filibustering would cease, Hayes, upon becoming president, would withdraw the troops and allow the Carpetbagging governments to totter and fall....
"Carpetbagging Afrocentrists," as she terms them, are at least as much to blame for the predicament of black America as approval- seeking blacks.