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an outsider who seeks power or success presumptuously

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In May 1943, the Allies had agreed to invade across the English Channel, and one piece of their strategy would be codenamed Operation Carpetbagger, (9)
Robert Fish first learned about Operation Carpetbagger on October 24, 1943, when he and three other officers from the 22nd Antisubmarine Squadron were called to a meeting at Bovingdon Air Base, located west of London.
I will vote with a heavy heart for the carpetbagger based on neighbors' signs and only because my citizens' duty is to vote.
TV Decoder and Carpetbagger are now Media Decoder, with contributions from the media staff in LA, New York and beyond.
There was a palpable feeding frenzy when hordes of carpetbaggers joined mutual societies with the hope of making a quick buck from the conversion.
CARPETBAGGERS can come from anywhere, and the huge Nationwide building society had better be on its guard against one from the north.
com announced today that culture reporter Melena Ryzik will be the new lead writer of the Carpetbagger blog beginning Dec.
You might also want to research who was responsible for placing Martin Ludlow in the 10th Council District as a carpetbagger candidate for the council seat.
Some people in Wales, and I am one of them, see him as a carpetbagger.
A carpetbagger who wants the Nationwide to demutualise yesterday failed to be elected to the building society's board.
They are the daughters of the titular carpetbagger, and, as such, have inherited a large, ill-gotten plantation.
THREATENED by carpetbagger king Michael Hardern, right, who then pulled out.
The "Awards Season" site focuses on every aspect of the Oscar race excitement including live coverage of the award winners on Oscar night, along with David Carr's Carpetbagger blog posts from the Kodak Theatre.
CARPETBAGGER Nick Griffin needs an A-Z to find his way round Barking.
Today, David Carr at The New York Times rolled the credits, as he put it, on his Carpetbagger blog.