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Synonyms for carpetbag

traveling bag made of carpet

presumptuously seeking success or a position in a new locality

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Parris-Bailey had worked closely with several Knoxville veterans through Carpetbag's story circle process while writing her script, but, she noted, "as we developed the piece, we knew our intention went beyond writing and presenting a play." The two companies received an Alternate ROOTS "Partners in Action" grant to develop a model for veteran storytelling and community exchange (Creative Arts Reintegration, or CAR) that could tour alongside the play.
Isolated ministers began to embrace holiness in the 1870s as a result of "carpetbag holiness missionaries," but the movement really took off in the following two decades (45).
Although it's not a tiny car, watching him unpack his gear for a shoot was a lot like watching Mary Poppins unpack her magic carpetbag. About a month ago, Tom bought a Ford Flex, and now he's a convert.
The comic ubiquity of something as commonplace as a carpetbag, enhanced as much by the Platonic capitals as by the prefatory pauses (in which one all but hears a drum roll), is apparently the fons et origo of many comparable jokes since the 1850s.
"Our goal has never been to operate a 'carpetbag' festival, like some I could name, but to train a staff of people who will eventually operate a great festival on their own," he adds.
Cooley, "Carpetbag Rule--Territorial Government in Utah," Utah Historical Quarterly 26 (1958): 107-29; Mark W.
Francis' sister, Jemima, was riding with her on the buggy, carefully clutching her carpetbag. Her mother had entrusted her to carry the precious family Bible in her bag, and Jemima, at thirteen years of age, had taken the responsibility very seriously.
Texans called the state constitution of 1869 that established those hated education reforms the "Carpetbag Constitution"--because Northerners established it after the Civil War--and so they abolished it in 1876.
Lum lifted a carpetbag, the fabric's color and pattern obscured.
But while there is a strong story, it's the fantastic staging that really makes this show what it is - from Mary Poppins' bottomless carpetbag and dancing statues to toys coming to life (this could prove a little scary for very young children).
On Saturday afternoon, as the staff of Gill's Hotel prepared for the Annual Homebush Race Dinner, Mary Ann Gill packed some clothes into a carpetbag borrowed from her mother and sent these out with her servant girl.
Given that the Republicans cede New York's carpetbag U.S.
A carpetbag steak is a steak stuffed with which ingredient?
The transition from grey Edwardian London to Mary Poppins' Technicolour alternative reality was stunning and so were all the other magical touches - a tough challenge, surely, for the backroom boys and girls - from the bottomless carpetbag that produces an aspidistra and full-height coatrack to the collapsing plate racks and kitchen table that Mary puts right with a click or three of her fingers.