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used to nail down carpets

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MINDLESS vandals are sabotaging a popular cycling route with razor-sharp carpet tacks.
BRADLEY WIGGINS hit out at the Tour de France saboteurs who scattered carpet tacks on the road.
Not visible in the picture was a small trough located on the spine of the longer piece, which held carpet tacks with their points facing upwards.
The warning came from a worker at the University of Liverpool's School of Veterinary Science who said she had been told by pet owners that sausages laced with carpet tacks were being left on the Wirral Way.
SAUSAGES spiked with carpet tacks have been left at a beauty spot where people walk their dogs.
The French christened him "Le Gentleman" last year because he governed the peloton with fairness after saboteurs littered the route with carpet tacks and his rivals suffered multiple punctures.
Hundreds of cyclists taking part in the Etape Caledonia last May had tyres punctured by thousands of carpet tacks which someone had scattered along part of the route.
As beds of nails go, running the Jockeys' Association is not up there with the Indian fakir's six-inch special, it's more a crash-mat of carpet tacks. But Apiafi comes to the task under the most difficult of circumstances, and if the job is to be done well it will require some acknowledgement of reality to replace the culture of denial that has all too often been the hallmark of the Jockeys' Association.
Some shippers have begun to outfit their vessels with high-powered hoses to knock pirates off their ships, use mannequins to fool pirates into thinking the crew is larger than it is, and lay down carpet tacks at night to injure would-be pirates storming the ship barefoot.
My favorite in this category is an early Handgunner article titled "Junk Yard Dog Loads" featuring handloaded .44 shot capsules filled with carpet tacks and finishing nails.
Philippa Lawrence uses a wide variety of materials to create her work - from light bulbs and animal skins to carpet tacks and felt.
The tadpoles have hatched and they are all around the pond edges like hundreds of carpet tacks.
A Luba-Kasai zoomorphic figure is studded with carpet tacks, hairy with reddish fur, endowed with various sharp and hooked iron blades, and bedecked with horns, charged with what one can guess to be very potent magic.
"Everything from carpets to carpet tacks," says Mr Byrne.
Maintenance personnel should be trained to look for seams in the carpet that may be separating, for carpet that i sloose or bubbled, for door sills that may have loosened, for loose carpet tacks or raised flooring nails, and for large cracks in outside walkways.