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a cleaning implement with revolving brushes that pick up dirt as the implement is pushed over a carpet

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The innovative Swiffer CarpetFlick is a carpet sweeper that uses a unique cleaning cartridge with super sticky adhesive on both sides to trap and lock dirt instantly.
You will also encounter a souvenir stand stocked with keepsakes emblazoned with exposition designs-from card tables to carpet sweepers, tumblers to tablecloths.
BISSELL manufactures a complete family of innovative floor care products such as vacuums, carpet sweepers, carpet deep cleaners and bare floor vacuums.
To fulfill the QVC sales generated over the twelve months, Fuller has shipped more than one million pounds of liquid and aerosol cleaning products, as well as carpet sweepers, brushes, and specialty applicators, comprising more than 1,800 pallets and 225,000 cartons.
NEW YORK - Non-motorize carpet sweepers still are sweeping up steady sales despite competition from high-tech electric cleaning machines, manufacturers and retailers report.
Other products highlighted include ostrich feather dusters, Leifheit carpet sweepers and stackable chrome wine racks.