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a cleaning implement with revolving brushes that pick up dirt as the implement is pushed over a carpet

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The Bissell Carpet Sweeper was ultimately born out of necessity.
But, he just went right on saying that's all right; this new carpet sweeper will clean any floor.
Stars from FOX's shows attended the FOX Fall Casino Party, where Swiffer turned the red carpet orange -- the color of its CarpetFlick -- and demonstrated the carpet sweeper, which uses adhesive to trap dirt.
The carpet sweeper features a cartridge covered with sticky adhesive on both sides.
"I bought a Sharp cordless carpet sweeper that works on both carpet and floors.
There wasn't much -- an old carpet sweeper, the sort, in theory, that was meant to pick up dirt and fluff, but in practice picked it up and deposited it further along.
Truth to tell, one of my most prized possessions is an old fashioned carpet sweeper.
"I wanted a robot to clean my apartment, so I built one out of Legos and a Bissel carpet sweeper mechanism.
OTHER TOOLS: The lawn sweeper (a handpushed machine like a large carpet sweeper) has been rendered obsolete by the vacuum.
Housework 1940s style as Lyn empties the carpet sweeper while Michael gets in some coal Far left: The family spend the night in their air raid shelter, meanwhile firefighters would have been tackling blazes across London; Left: Planning the family's meal depended on what Mr Lovegrove had in stock
1876: Telephone invented but not in domestic use/ Melville Bissell, an asthmatic, invents the carpet sweeper
Before I'd be scouring London for 9mm rimmed bullets - I spent the other day trying to find a wheel for my carpet sweeper."
Melville Bissell of Grand Rapids patented the first carpet sweeper. (1876)
Mum's Ewbank carpet sweeper, her ironing board, the list goes on.
Condensed soup is the carpet sweeper of the food world, interesting in a retro way, but pretty outmoded.