carpet slipper

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low footwear that can be slipped on and off easily

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The content is dull and unfunny, with too much politics, a bit like The Spectator in carpet slippers.
Smooth-riding and as quiet as a mouse in carpet slippers, there's no reason why you'd ever go back to a clattery old diesel.
You could go for a Veloster Turbo with its crazy third door, as befits an age when absentmindedly going out in carpet slippers is excusable.
One of his briefs was just a sketch of Weetabix as a pair of carpet slippers in a bowl, and Corn- flakes as an alarm clock.
Police spent two hours in the top-floor flat in a tower block before emerging with a frail-looking man wearing blue carpet slippers and using a walking stick.
The jokes can wear thin after the 100th repetition but you have to get into the spirit of panto or you may as well give up and buy carpet slippers.
Gone are the days when Franco Baresi, Paolo Maldini and Clarence Seedorf would stroll around the San Siro in their carpet slippers, though.
The rest is good, not great; comfortable as carpet slippers.
Whether it's cars, rickshaws or carpet slippers, China still has to get the quality right.
Then she's suddenly dancing about the stage in a nightie and gents' carpet slippers, her distended stomach and false breasts drooping with age.
Still in his carpet slippers, Mr Scott raced to get a rowing boat but as he pushed it out realised there were no oars in it.
A fat lot of good he will do you in carpet slippers.
So time to get out the carpet slippers and put the feet up in front of the telly during the cold weather to watch the golf on the telly?
Wading down a river isn't like walking across your living room in carpet slippers.