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a pad placed under a carpet

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If the area has moderate to heavy foot traffic, a thin (three-eighths-inch maximum) high-density carpet pad works well.
While America has invested heavily to divert only a small portion of the 6 billion pounds of carpet discarded per year, we now add almost 1 billion pounds of foam carpet pad.
Once the carpet is pulled back, inspect its woven backside and the carpet pad and sub-flooring.
After you select the type of carpet you want, don't forget the carpet pad or cushion.
ATLANTA-Continuing its tradition of finding new ways to get its message across to consumers, DuPont has embarked on a multimedia marketing campaign for its SpillNet carpet pad protector that has generated nearly 20 million total media impressions to date.
The quality of carpet pad is determined by density, not thickness.
A new revolution in carpet cushion, Padmate netting with Ecocycle works with the carpet cushion manufacturers to supply a more sustainable carpet pad.
Padding: Carpet pad shall be 7/16" or 1/2" thick rebond or urethane with a 5 or 6 pound density complying with HUD Use of Materials Bulletin No.
Fasten the pad to a concrete floor with carpet pad adhesive ($10 per gallon) and duct-tape the seams together (Photo 2, p.
Mohawk also distributes laminate flooring, ceramic tile and carpet pad, and has plans to add a hard wood line in 2000.
The use of non-petroleum based carpet pad, fresh air vents, whole house fans, and low VOC paints greatly improves the air quality of the apartment homes.
Tenders are invited for Collect and recycle discarded carpet and carpet pad in an environmentally sound and legal manner and in compliance with all applicable local, state, federal, and international environmental and safety laws and treaties.
A double layer of foam carpet pad makes a luxurious but inexpensive anti-fatigue mat beside workbenches and power tools.
com)-- Carpet pad occupies a lot of space when floor stacked on pallets.
range, but a carpet pad isn't required and you save by installing it yourself.