carpet moth

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larvae feed on carpets and other woolens

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Carpet moth larvae can stay at this stage for up to three months, waiting for favourable conditions so they can pupate and turn into adult moths.
Carpet moth infestations can sometimes originate from bird's nests, so when trying to identify the source of the infestation it's useful to check any unused chimneys or attics.
Highly effective DIY c arpet moth treatment includes the application of residual moth-killing insecticides such as Formula 'C' Carpet Moth Spray and Formula 'P' Carpet Moth Powder, which kill moths, eggs and larvae.
It's a long-term project, as the plants will take around two years to establish, but we're hoping we'll be able to boost the barberry carpet moth population in the future."
The study also recorded several unusual species of butterfly, including a small colony of the marsh fritillary, double line and waved carpet moths and several other declining and key species such as small blue, dingy skipper, silver-washed fritillary and purple hairstreak.
TREES: Birch, holly, ash, rowan, elm and elder all grow in the garden, along with a number of varieties of conifer which attract species like the juniper carpet moth.
Zoo staff are heavily involved in a breeding programme for the Barberry Carpet Moth which thrives on a plant called Barberis vulgaris.
Since 1993 Dudley Zoo has boosted the Barberry Carpet moth population by breeding and releasing thousands into the wild and also maintaining the moth's primary food source, the barberry plant.
Twycross Zoos, it is currently growing hundreds of the spiky plants, for planting along the Shropshire-Union canal towpaths, linking Mr Hughes said: "The Barberry carpet moth was restricted to a single known site in the British Isles - a Suffolk hedgerow - when we began working with it in 1993.
Insects featured in the set include the scarce Adonis blue butterfly and endangered insects including the barberry carpet moth and the red-barbed ant.
Blomers rivulet was discovered by a Captain Blomer in 1831 and the barren carpet moth, whose caterpillars feed on moss, had been recorded in 1825.
Not many of us could identify a netted carpet moth but there is a whole generation of beer lovers who have rarely had the chance to experience the unique aromas and the malt and spicy hop flavours of our longest-lived ale.
Last year, a pest control company was called to deal with a problem involving carpet moths in an office area of the house, which required a fumigation treatment to be carried out in a number of rooms.
Beech and poplar trees are leafing earlier than they were 30 years ago while insects including brimstone and flame carpet moths are not only appearing earlier, but are also exhibiting longer flight periods.
They will grow into Barberry Carpet Moths, a native species almost unknown in the wild nowadays.