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a loom for weaving carpeting

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To get the loan recovered the creditor thus installs a carpet loom (khaddi) at the defaulter's home, and hence the household enters the vicious spiral of weaving carpets for the creditor; in some cases defaulters themselves suggest such a settlement to their creditor.
In the mid 1990s, he raided many carpet looms in eastern India that hired child laborers and exported carpets abroad.
Officials pointed out to Kerry and McGovern the area where Coachlace Pond runoff overflowed its banks, causing a cave-in under railway tracks and blocking access to a culvert that has been funneling water under the mill buildings since the 1870s, when the water was used to run the carpet looms at Bigelow Mills.
OK, OK, we know you've got great big breasts, Lorraine, but that's no reason to get them out whenever a red carpet looms.
By age eight, Iqbal was hunched and thin, his growth stunted by malnourishment and the long hours crouched in small places at the bottom of vast carpet looms.
By the end of the 18th century, there were 1,000 carpet looms working there.
When some carpet looms were recently replaced by Victoria Carpets the company had the old looms broken up.
2 Carpet Looms (14m) with following Specifications:
3 Carpet Looms (10m) with following Specifications:
In order to seek funds for modern carpet looms being produced by SICOP, Financial Commissioner I&C, Khursheed Ahmad Ganaie has recently held a meeting with Secretary, Union Ministry of Textiles at New Delhi.
Ganaie informed the union secretary about the program which sees new carpet looms being offered to the artisans.