carpet bombing

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an extensive and systematic bombing intended to devastate a large target

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Braggadocio about carpet bombing, and accusations of appeasement against those who try to negotiate, will only prolong the agony, if not cause an even greater catastrophe.
Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, shortly after masterminding the carpet bombing of Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War and when he was an ally to military dictators in South America.
I know people still try to defend indiscriminate carpet bombing but it was an indefensible war crime.
Most of the rabbis, including controversial figure Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu--who called for a carpet bombing of Gaza in 2007 "regardless of the price in Palestinian life"--come from the Israeli city of Safed.
This together work better than old fashioned approaches of carpet bombing on TV alone.
Though the attacks were precise (as could be), with Hamas fighters hiding among civilians casualties were inevitable (though Nato's carpet bombing in Bosnia and Yugoslavia or our own in the Second World War does not received similar condemnation).
God knows how many thousands of innocent women and children we burnt to death in our criminal carpet bombing and firestorms in a matter of minutes.
It has become common to dismiss these fliers as 'war criminals' after the carpet bombing of German cities.
In Self-Portrait as Bomber Harris (all works 2006), McEwen recreates an official black-and-white portrait photograph of Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris, the British air marshal who oversaw the carpet bombing of German cities.
They have selective targets, not carpet bombing for now,'' he said.
Geena Davis, as the first woman President, is doing some cultural carpet bombing for the notion that a woman could be President of this country.
RAMESSES The Tomb (Invada Records UK)--Produced by Billy Anderson this features former Ewiz members, and levels the playing field with carpet bombing riffs of repetition.
Surely many Germans --young, elderly, infirm or handicapped--were innocent of both genocide and the waging of aggressive war, yet all were victimized without distinction in the carpet bombing of Hamburg, Dresden, Cologne, Essen, Wurzburg, Pforzheim and many other cities.
Since Reunification, the German government has been working diligently to rebuild hotels, railroads, subways and parts of Dresden still left unrepaired since its carpet bombing during the Second World War.