carpet bomb

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bomb a large area systematically and extensively

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carpet bomb To bomb in an extensive pattern, so as to uniformly devastate a large area.
At a rally in the state of Iowa last week, Republican candidate Ted Cruz suggested that the United States should bomb (perhaps even with nuclear weapons) the Iraqi and Syrian territory held by IS militants."We will carpet bomb [ISIS] into oblivion.
"You can't carpet bomb ISIS if you don't have planes and bombs to attack them with," Rubio said, raising Cruz's year-after-year opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which funds the military.
One Shadow Minister said: "Raqqa is a big city and if you carpet bomb it you would kill thousands.
Steve said: "Punk was like a carpet bomb that swept through the country - inspiring and bringing people to life."
"The aspect of the battle that has haunted me was the decision to carpet bomb the abbey, one of the great architectural jewels of western culture, which was reduced to rubble in six hours," he added.
Microsoft's advisory comes two weeks after security researcher Nitesh Dhanjani warned both Redmond and Cupertino that Safari introduces a vulnerability in Windows and OS X machines, which allows any rogue Web site to "carpet bomb" the user's Desktop (Windows), or Downloads directory (Apple), with unwanted files (Safari is not installed by default on Windows machines).Apple indicated it wasn't in a hurry to fix the Windows vulnerability, if it ever got around to it.
With a whole array of weapons--clean bombs, seismic bombs, cluster bombs, carpet bombs, napalm and phosphorous bombs, fragmentation bombs--the US wreaked its vengeance on Vietnam's land and people for year after horrifying year.
Aug 7/8: RAF Bomber Command carpet bombs Caen area.
US jets carpet bombed the snow-covered mountains of eastern Afghanistan today as coalition ground forces tried to stop al-Qaida and Taliban fighters from escaping.
Basayev's hatred of Russia dates back to the 90s when he watched his homeland carpet bombed.
HILLFIELDS is being "carpet bombed" with inappropriate planning applications, according to a councillor for the area.