carpet bomb

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bomb a large area systematically and extensively

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One Shadow Minister said: "Raqqa is a big city and if you carpet bomb it you would kill thousands.
Steve said: "Punk was like a carpet bomb that swept through the country - inspiring and bringing people to life.
The aspect of the battle that has haunted me was the decision to carpet bomb the abbey, one of the great architectural jewels of western culture, which was reduced to rubble in six hours," he added.
We have found that a multivitamin can have a carpet bomb effect when it comes to combating internal inflammation caused by CRP," says Dr.
There, too, Washington's first instinct when things went badly was to reach for weapons better suited to another sort of conflict altogether, like the giant B-52 bombers used to carpet bomb Vietnamese jungles, to little effect.
Ted Cruz's plans to carpet bomb the Islamic State does not match Koch's thinking on how to solve the issue of extremism.
This goliath has been taking hits from listeners fighting with their MP3s, but they continue to carpet bomb the desert with Celine Dion, who can take the top of your head off with invisible piercing high notes.