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small beetle whose larvae are household pests feeding on woolen fabrics

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Clothes moths fit into the same category, and indeed, much of the damage to woollens attributed to clothes moths is really the work of carpet beetles.
Lisa Di-Giorgio, who has a baby son, was so worried about the carpet beetles infesting her home that shewas checking for them day and night.
An increase in the number of complaints involving scavenger insects such as larder beetles, (Dermestes lardarius Linnaeus), and other carpet beetles (Dermestes sp.
Curtains, tapestries and upholstery are carefully and slowly vacuumed, and everything is checked for deterioration or infestation by pests, such as carpet beetles or woodworm.
Studies indicate that the aromatic properties of cedar wood, especially the aromatic Eastern red cedar, protect clothes from pests such as moths, cockroaches, silverfish and carpet beetles.
Common carpet beetles, cabinet beetles (pantry pests), and hide beetles, are just a few.
WHEN I had another letter like this last month I said that these might not be moths but carpet beetles.
First you shampoo it and spray it with bug repellent to keep away carpet beetles and moths," says Joe Kulis, a taxidermist (specialist in the lifelike preservation of dead animals).