carpet beetle

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small beetle whose larvae are household pests feeding on woolen fabrics

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Carpet beetle dermatitis presents in children with a history of spending lots of time on a carpet, presenting with nondescript itchy patches on skin areas that were in contact with the carpet.
It has a broad-spectrum of activity, against flies, mosquitoes (larvae and adults), cockroaches, wood- boring beetles, carpet beetles, clothes moth, termites, fleas, crickets, wasps, body lice, bugs and various veterinary pests.
Teachers might well be squeamish but youngsters loved the close-up photos of clothes' moths and their larvae, carpet beetles, spiders, mice, book lice, plaster bagworms, furniture beetles et al.
A recent report found a single train compartment contained 1,000 cockroaches, 200 bed bugs, 200 fleas, 500 dust mites and 100 carpet beetles.
Scenario 1 * Carrion flies * Predatory flies * Carrion beetles * Predatory beetles * Hair and skin beetles Scenario 2 * Blow flies * Flesh flies * Predatory flies * Carrion beetles * Rove beetles * Carpet beetles * Clothes moths
Carpet beetles, second-hand smoke concerns and, especially, bed bugs are a few of the latest hot-button issues in high-end co-op and condo buildings.
Lisa Di-Giorgio, who has a baby son, was so worried about the carpet beetles infesting her home that shewas checking for them day and night.
Stored food and grain insects.--An increase in the number of complaints involving scavenger insects such as larder beetles, (Dermestes lardarius Linnaeus), and other carpet beetles (Dermestes sp.) was noted in 2005.
Curtains, tapestries and upholstery are carefully and slowly vacuumed, and everything is checked for deterioration or infestation by pests, such as carpet beetles or woodworm.
Common carpet beetles, cabinet beetles (pantry pests), and hide beetles, are just a few.
WHEN I had another letter like this last month I said that these might not be moths but carpet beetles. Like moths, they too like woollens.