carpet beater

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implement for beating dust out of carpets

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And there is a the famous torture scene where Le Chiffre uses a carpet beater to break down the resistance of Bond - who is tied naked to a chair with the bottom cut out.
Now I was reared at a time when our washing was routinely hung across the back street and the sound of our mum's carpet beater knocking seven bells off the door rug was a routine part of the morning housekeeping.
The next day's racing pages carried screaming headlines highlighting the "hitting horse 50 times" description, making it sound as if AP had set about Deano's Beeno like a demented carpet beater on speed and knocked lumps out of this poor defenceless animal until its very life hung by a thread.
Strachan once told Huckerby: "On his day he's a world beater, on another he's a carpet beater".
When she aired bedding outside and hammered the living daylights out of the mattress with a carpet beater, she wasn't being just an embarrassing old nutter.
When we feel especially energetic, we put the area rugs on the snow and beat the dirt out of them using an old fashioned wicker carpet beater.
Other items include a box camera, a carpet beater, button hooks, a darning ball and more.
Once the penny had dropped among the 4,000 travelling disciples from Yorkshire that Leeds were not going to hit a cow's backside with a carpet beater, they resorted to voluble protests against owner Massimo Cellino.
The set of brooms, collapsible dustpans and carpet beater "pampagpag," as Samson put itcome with stained bamboo handles and are anchored on a rattan frame that could be hung behind a door.
Inspired by ITV's period drama, Downton Abbey, the Conran Shop has a new hand-crafted cleaning range, including a retro carpet beater, pounds 12.95.
they make good use of a carpet beater? That's fair game.
In the early 40s it was still very much the mangle, the carpet beater and daily shopping, but the vacuum cleaner and refrigerator were being developed and coming into the 1950s were a lot more common.
GORDON STRACHAN once described Darren Huckerby as a world beater one day and carpet beater the next.
..with the figure on the right holding something similar to a carpet beater.''
Other items in the basket include a box camera, a carpet beater, a button hook, a darning ball and more.