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Synonyms for carper

a person who finds fault, often severely and willfully

Synonyms for carper

someone who constantly criticizes in a petty way


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In Central Visayas, Leonidas said CARPER accomplishment is at 91 percent and only over 18,000 hectares of lands still need to be distributed.
These authors, along with Carper and Hunt, were not merely content to dismiss the practice of history by averring that history can only be an imaginative interpretation of the past.
Since Carper and Hunt are from the conservative Protestant and Catholic traditions respectfully, they focus their attention on individuals and movements from these two groups.
Because his old boss, Carper, is known as a believer in free markets, Jones already has good relationships with much of the business community.
Carper (D-Delaware) circulated a "Dear Colleague" letter to fellow senators inviting them to join the newly formed Senate Recycling Caucus.
Dennis Carper, senior vice president of Berkline/Benchcraft, told the Daily Journal that the company is off-shoring more cut-and-sew kits from China.
Our future is our 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds,'' Carper said.
The EPA study does contain one notable finding that President Bush isn't likely to highlight: Reductions in greenhouse gases called for in the Carper and Jeffords bills (but not Bush's Clear Skies) would cost as little as a dollar per ton.
Hal Carper, senior vice president of corporate research and development, describes Tyson's commitment to detail as springing from a plan of "life-long learning and a passion for food.
cognitive awareness of LP and the possible evolvement of language from a communicative tool to a cognitive memory organizer), facilitated by their significant gains in communicative competence, was not only developmentally age appropriate (Janowsky & Carper, 1996) but congruent with their augmented language experiences, relative to first graders, and claims (Hamers, 2004) that such abilities are enhanced among compound bilinguals that valorize and use both their languages for the same cognitive and social functions.
Ashley Carper has joined BancorpSouth as vice president of commercial lending at the Pleasant Valley location.
We are particularly grateful to Senators Alexander and Carper for their bipartisan leadership on behalf of state and local government.
Like his portrayal of Sisyphus, Carper tends to write one line of iambic
In response, Delaware Senator Tom Carper and Maine Senator Susan Collins, whose states have a combined population of just over 2 million, cosponsored a bill that, according to Carper, would make sure a state wasn't "less safe than its neighbors simply because it has a smaller population.