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ant that nests in decaying wood in which it bores tunnels for depositing eggs

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Role of relative humidity in colony founding and queen survivorship in two carpenter ant species.
But Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is a stone-cold killer of carpenter ants, and it manipulates its hapless victims in an especially grisly way.
In addition to this carpenter ant, four other exotic species were collected at the site, including T.
In the colder northern-tier states, carpenter ants are a greater threat to homeowners.
2012), and they are referred to as carpenter ants because they prefer soft wood of live or dead trees, which facilitate the construction and maintenance of the nest in arboreal habitats (Fernandez 2003; Yamamoto & Del-Claro 2008).
A: Carpenter ants are probably using the tree as a home, rather than a food source.
Indeed, their very presence is a good indication of moisture or rot problems in the wood, so homeowners may have more work on their hands than simply exterminating carpenter ants.
Utilities were asked about levels of carpenter ant and woodp ecker attack in their systems and what treatments they currently used; they were then asked to assess each treatment on the basis of performance and safety.
We felt the fine, sharply scented frass of a carpenter ant colony with our fingertips.
Another insect to be on the lookout for is the carpenter ant, which is just as destructive as well as bolder and greedier.
The influence of carpenter ant (Camponotus modoc) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) attendance on the development and survival of aphids (Cinara Spp.
Describing what happened next, he said: "After an hour, weaver ants along with another species of carpenter ant located the bait and started arriving at the cylindricus-occupied tree.
Displaying the amazing recuperative traits of a carpenter ant, Brandon Moss is ready to start playing again a little more than two weeks after having his appendix removed.
For instance, when treating a carpenter ant nest, choose a chemical with low toxicity to mammals (a pyrethroid like permethrin is much less toxic than chlorpyrifos).