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ant that nests in decaying wood in which it bores tunnels for depositing eggs

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I've had trouble with carpenter ants, and frankly, I've had no luck with consumer-grade solutions.
In addition to this carpenter ant, four other exotic species were collected at the site, including T.
Carpenter ants do not actually eat wood--they bore into the substance to make their nests, which are extensive networks of galleries that usually are started in soft, decayed areas.
Tissue localization of the endosymbiotic bacterium "Candidatus Blochmannia fioridanus" in adults and larvae of the carpenter ant Camponotus floridanus.
Two of the commercial baits, Advance Granular Ant Bait and Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait (Whitmire Micro-Gen, St.
A carpenter ant such as myself, for example, really appreciates a place like this.
winged forms workers larvae or Carpenter ant black; keep wings black white; no legs and during swarm carried by workers Termite dark brown, lose white white; have legs wings in swarm and run when nest is exposed Termites eat the wood in which they live.
On 20 April 2011, SRD collected a live Pecos bluntnose shiner (Notropis simus pecosensis, 59-mm standard length) in the Pecos River near the confluence of Willow Creek, Chaves County, New Mexico, with a large, major-worker, carpenter ant (Camponotus vicinus; width of head, 3.4 mm) lodged in its throat.
Once the fungus infects the carpenter ant, it allows its host to remain alive for a time, but only to take one last walk.
Growth happens on the tree's outer rings The hole or cavity won't refill because when a part of a tree is dead, it's dead It's very difficult to determine whether a tree will die from carpenter ant or termite damage A professional, licensed arborist can took at it more closely to help identify the specific cause of the problem and recommend possible treatment options.
He said that in initial exercises, the dogs were able to tell the difference between carpenter ant droppings and Asian longhorned beetle droppings.
We have 24 healthy hens and were hoping that our free rangers would control our carpenter ant problem (in addition to providing fresh eggs).
A pest comes in many forms--a subterranean termite, a powder post beetle, or a carpenter ant. And he does not work alone.