carpenter's rule

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a rule used by a carpenter

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The skull had been caved in, but there were enough familiar features - most notably a carpenter's rule - to identify the corpse as that of Richard Heming.
It's a warning that may be implicitly inscribed in one of the many subtle but thought-provoking pieces in the show: a carpenter's rule whose numbers have been gently veiled by a thin layer of white paint.
Aristotle was also of the opinion that it is wrong to prevent a judge by playing on his emotions--"one might as well warp a carpenter's rule before using it.
Another "classic" use for box is the carpenter's rule.
Carpenter's rules for fish are simple: ``Buy fresh (not frozen), lower the heat rather than raise it, and err on the side of undercooking (fish can always be returned to the microwave for 15 seconds).