carpenter's level

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a straight bar of light metal with a spirit level in it

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To determine vertical fall, use a carpenter's level fastened securely to the top of a stick.
Franklin Smith, 36, said he was whacked with a four-foot carpenter's level by Kurt Getschow, president of US firm Phillips Getschow Co, in full view of other workers.
Inside the canals are tiny hairs, fluid and an air bubble in each: the body's answer to the carpenter's level.
The tools studied were a carpenter's level (the facility's current tool) and a laser levelling device which has been designed by the two researchers and colleagues.
Then, point the telescope straight up toward zenith by laying a carpenter's level against the tube.
The spot closes with an image of the Level bottle balancing on its side on a martini glass with a carpenter's level bubble moving inside the bottle and, ultimately, settling perfectly balanced in the bottle.
Using a carpenter's level as your guide, adjust the form so it is perfectly level in all directions.
To assemble, you'll need a carpenter's level, hammer, power drill, screwdriver, square, stepladder, tape measure, and wrenches.
You'll find it useful to get on your hands and knees at this stage, using a 24-or 48-inch carpenter's level as a tool to smooth the final layers of aggregate as you add them with a small shovel.
There were also tree branches, a carpenter's level, plastic bags of water (sans fish), lengths of blue tape, a juddering motor, desk lamps, and two holes cut right through the gallery's back wall, through which arms of the sculpture reached to the outdoors.
Q I've got an old carpenter's level and I'm not sure if it's accurate.
She said she raised her children to keep their equilibrium, often using a carpenter's level to make her point.
is highlighting the David White laser carpenter's level in its 1996 Christmas catalog, providing exposure that is expected to increase sales in the fourth quarter.
We positioned the pavers, which I'd already stained and sealed, and then used a carpenter's level to make sure each one would sit level on the sand.