carpenter's level

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a straight bar of light metal with a spirit level in it

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It has been standard practice to level the drainage collection system with the assistance of a carpenter's level prior to adjusting the height of the collection bag or cylinder.
If you can read a carpenter's level you can use this system," says Fred Solomon, the new firm's executive vice president.
The spot closes with an image of the Level bottle balancing on its side on a martini glass with a carpenter's level bubble moving inside the bottle and, ultimately, settling perfectly balanced in the bottle.
To assemble, you'll need a carpenter's level, hammer, power drill, screwdriver, square, stepladder, tape measure, and wrenches.
There were also tree branches, a carpenter's level, plastic bags of water (sans fish), lengths of blue tape, a juddering motor, desk lamps, and two holes cut right through the gallery's back wall, through which arms of the sculpture reached to the outdoors.
long carpenter's level of polypropylene at the show.
She said she raised her children to keep their equilibrium, often using a carpenter's level to make her point.
is highlighting the David White laser carpenter's level in its 1996 Christmas catalog, providing exposure that is expected to increase sales in the fourth quarter.
We positioned the pavers, which I'd already stained and sealed, and then used a carpenter's level to make sure each one would sit level on the sand.
During the quarter, the company learned that its popular LL-100 Finish-Line laser carpenter's level will be included in this year's Sears Christmas catalog.
Rotary tiller or spade * Rake * Carpenter's level * Tamper * Hose * Rubber mallet * Bench broom
Our products continue to enjoy a dominant position in our traditional marketplace and we are broadening our efforts to less cyclical markets, such as remodeling, through affordable laser instruments like the ML-200 and the popular Finish-Line laser carpenter's level, both introduced in 1995," said Mihalovich.
Using a carpenter's level, make sure the bottom of the hole is flat.
These were paired with a group of off-balance installations, which were vaguely reminiscent of human figures, made of carpenter's levels, in each case with a long one supported by two shorter ones and standing atop a thick, rather old-fashioned-looking marble-patterned file folder filled with sheets of white paper (all works Untitled, 2013, from the ongoing series "Raut," 2013--).
Using two devices akin to carpenter's levels, the SSP will record the tilt of the probe as it plunges through the atmosphere as well as Huygens' final orientation on the ground.