carpenter's hammer

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a hammer with a cleft at one end for pulling nails

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The weapon, which caused the most damage during the first four blows that it delivered, was believed to have either been a carpenter's hammer, or a boiler scaling hammer.
Large letters proclaimed "Hammer the Hammer" and the advertising pictured an Iver Johnson held in one hand and a carpenter's hammer being used in the other hand to smack the hammer soundly.
With a carpenter's hammer and a 3/4-inch wood chisel, he carved a carousel horse for his brother's child.
We are the carpenter's hammer that strikes the nail with precision and power.
What made this particular bet so odd was that Slim said he could beat Knievel over 18 holes using only a carpenter's hammer: he won.
Put on any additional bars, circles or flying V's and then weld the whole shebang onto a full metal or wood-covered handle, typically just a little bigger than a standard carpenter's hammer.