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bearing or consisting of carpels

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growth of the epicotyl beyond one cm, and the end of this phase as the position along the shoot of the first fertile carpellate flower.
9 SD, N = 21) and at each subsequent node until plants began producing carpellate flowers.
First carpellate flowers appeared at node 30 (x [bar] = 30.
In this study, I assumed that the interval of whole plant ontogeny between initial growth of the epicotyl and production of the first carpellate flower was developmentally comparable between subspecies.
Gynoecium 2(-9) carpellate, but usually bicarpellate or occasionally 5-8-merous, rarely pseudomonomerous; syncarpous or apocarpous, (1-)2(-9) 1ocular; usually axile or parietal placentation, rarely free central, basal or apical; superior, semi-superior or inferior.