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a simple pistil or one element of a compound pistil

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Carpel tunnel syndrome was more among the female population constituting 3.45%, refer to table 5 compared to 0% of the male population and on the overall carpel tunnel syndrome was found to be the least common.
endressii) are known as spikes of bisexual flowers with the androecium attached to the back of a carpel, but the New Jersey species (C.
CRC, upregulated by AP3/PI/SEP, is involved in the control of radial and longitudinal gynoecium growth, carpel fusion, and nectary location, and participates in the floral meristem termination through the WUS repression [33, 35, 36, 102].
Flowers of these weeds typically have 3 or 6 stamens, ovary consists of 3 united carpels, forming a single chamber.
"There are," Carpel says, "a lot of powerful, expensive and complicated tools, tools that served the needs for larger organizations that had budget and requisite team size and capacity.
Meanwhile, the plants in SD-12 h-1 WK treatment reached the development stage of squash growth cone; the plants in SD-12 h-2 WKS treatment entered the stage of sepal primordium differentiation whereas the plants in SD-12 h-3 WKS treatment started the stage of stamen and carpel primordium differentiation (Fig.
Assessing general damages for pain and suffering at [euro]170,000 Mr Justice Cross said she was entitled to be compensated for the initial injury and the pain syndrome and carpel tunnel syndrome she suffered afterwards.
Olena Cole offers a comprehensive literature review exploring best practice in the treatment of carpel tunnel syndrome, a leading cause of work disability.
Cumulative traumatic disorders that dental practitioners face are carpel tunnel syndrome, ulnar or radial nerve entrapment, pronator syndrome, tendinitis, extensor wad strain, and thoracic outlet syndrome.
* Pregnancy-related carpel tunnel syndrome affecting the ability to lift or perform manual tasks
The forceful use of the hand during vibratory equipments such as scalar turbine slow speed hand-piece and grasping and working with other small instruments or objects such as endodontic files could all be the causative agents of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
The 60-year-old father-offour, who had a career as an African drummer, was left with wrist injuries and carpel tunnel syndrome after the attack.
The dictionary also includes physical preventative therapies or approaches, such as Alexander Technique, and some of the common performance-related injuries, such as tendonitis and carpel tunnel syndrome.
Carpel tunnel syndrome is a disease in the office syndrome group which is the most popular disease found in people using computers in everyday life such as office workers and programmers.