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a simple pistil or one element of a compound pistil

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Thus I have included also monocarpellate cases with an ascidiate carpel.
Carpels of Brasenia (Cabombaceae) are completely ascidiate despite a long stigmatic crest.
1e) are catapulted several meters from the fruit by what Keighery calls carpel wall plates (Fig.
Both the parties will work jointly to execute research and development work, such as common health issues such as back pain, sleep apnoea and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
The carpel primordia quickly become crescent shaped and, although at first separate, they are soon congenitally fused (Fig.
The indehiscent fruit is formed from a superior ovary of multiple carpels, apparently with each carpel developing a marginal wing, such that a single fruit may have 6-20 wings.
In addition to SECURUS, Core Essence has recently launched novel orthopedic product platforms including Seg-Way(TM), a synchronized endoscopic guide system for carpel tunnel syndrome; reNOVO(TM), a suture anchor system, and reVERTO(TM), a shape memory staple system indicated for arthrodesis and skeletal fixation procedures.
It also helps reduce the hand pain associated with arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, and writer's cramp.
However, individual carpel primordia were not observed by Vrijdaghs et al.
This is particularly the case for arthroscopic procedures such as knees, shoulders and carpel tunnel, which typically take less than an hour to perform and the patient can be ready to leave in 3 or 4 hours.
Cold laser therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is instrumental in treating carpel tunnel syndrome along with soft tissue injuries, cervical neck pain, repetitive stress injuries, tendonitis, hamstring injuries, arthritis, and wound healing.
Every year, over 600,000 workers nationally are disabled by back pain and hand/arm injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome -- over 50,000 in the South alone," said Raynor.
Drug-related SAEs in ONTAK-treated patients were capillary leak syndrome (4%), dehydration (4%), hypotension (3%), fever (3%), hypoalbuminemia (2%), skin disorder (2%), chest pain (2%), vascular fragility (2%), fatigue (2%), hypersensitivity (2%), myocardial ischemia (1%), urinary tract infection (1%), blood pressure decreased (1%), joint stiffness (1%), myalgia (1%), carpel tunnel syndrome (1%), loss of consciousness (1%), respiratory distress (1%), dermatitis exfoliative (1%), erythema (1%), and rash generalized (1%).
Further incurvation leads to the simple carpel, and fusions of carpels give rise to the various types of ovaries (Zimmermann, 1930, Fig.