carpal tunnel syndrome

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a painful disorder caused by compression of a nerve in the carpal tunnel

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Carpal tunnel syndrome does not limit the ROM of the radiocarpal joint in occupationally active women with CTS, as compared to healthy women.
Since most of us would rather NOT see a doctor for a supposedly minor problem, diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome is usually delayed.
Keywords: Carpal tunnel syndrome, Median nerve, Nerve conduction study, Ultrasound wrist.
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However, it has been well documented that carpal tunnel syndrome surgery can lead to prevalent chronic postoperative pain.
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Objective: This study aimed to determine the diagnostic value of median nerve cross-sectional area (MNCSA; m[m.sup.2]), which can be measured using ultrasonography (US), compared with electrophysiological parameters in patients with mild and moderate carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).
With an estimated prevalence of 1-5% in the general population, the carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is considered to be the most common form of peripheral nerve entrapment neuropathy, representing a significant driver of workers' compensation costs, lost time, lost productivity and disability [1-3].
Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common form of entrapment neuropathy in the upper limb and it is estimated to occur in 3.8% of the general population.