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A 19.75lb carp was the best of three landed by John Drury when he fished Morgans Pond.
A 14lb carp was the best of five caught by Bridgend angler Graham James; Dan Day's biggest carp weighed 15lb; Mickey Stokes landed a 16lb fish and novice angler Rhiann Williams topped the big fish list with a 20lb mirror carp.
Martin Stewart, from Porthcawl, had another great day at Dyffryn Springs when he fished The Reservoir and landed carp of 15.25lb, 13.25lb, 12.75lb and four more around 10lb.
Hourly movements varied substantially among individual carp, with mean movement rates decreasing from June to August and peaking in October.
Tredegar visitor Andrew Mumford netted 115lb of smaller carp when he tried Willow Lake and Angela Grove's first try at fishing on Holly Lake resulted in a 15lb mirror carp.
A good question needing an answer would be why carp and carp fishing in particular have become so popular.
BROOKSIDE, Stretton, 01925 730893: Pleasure anglers are show ing a preference for Mallard Pool for carp to 101b.
Admittedly, the European carp is one of the most abundant and widespread large, freshwater fish on Earth, but how has an introduced species become so dominant in Australia?
Not just splitting hairs, Carp reminds readers that confidentiality protects the privacy of individuals, whereas "secrecy" deprives a person of (presumably) valuable information about her or himself.
Fish farmers have already made a place for Chinese carp in their ponds - primarily as maintenance personnel.
There are still some places available for the Tony Smith Memorial carp match at White Springs on the weekend of August 8-10.
Bighead, silver, and black carp were originally stocked into ponds on fish farms in the South as biological controls.
SANKEY-ST HELENS CANAL: Carp, tench, roach, rudd, perch, Ide and chub on the Lower and Upper pounds where pole with maggot or caster, bread, corn, meat and worms baits are all catching fish.