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Synonyms for carouse



Synonyms for carouse

Synonyms for carouse

revelry in drinking

engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking

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Packing racecourses with itinerant carousers is the pragmatic limit of horseracing's populist appeal and the dedicated live with it, just about.
Dozens of police arrived in large riot buses to keep carousers away from traffic and make fruitless pleas for everyone to go home.
Almost to the day 12 months ago, I witnessed this rabble of carousers whip up a wonderful festive storm to a sell-out Newcastle crowd and, on Thursday night, they did it again.
While some earlier paintings from this body of work depict sexless green heads with ominously empty eyes, here Bickerton's carousers have the island mostly to themselves.
He heads Chapter 10 with a verse from Joel calling on drunkards to awake and weep and howl because of the new wine (1:5), and tails with another prophet, this time Isaiah (5:11-12) bringing woe upon the drinkers and carousers.
The concept is simple: The third-row seat pivots onto its backside, allowing carousers to unwind facing out from the cargo area.
Untamed carousers who burnt the candle at both ends while the Italians ate their pasta, went to bed early, got up and won cups.
The title piece, "Night Roamers," describes the Sunday-night carousers of Kristiana, mostly working-class people who desperately try to enjoy themselves into the wee small hours before having to go to work on Monday.