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Synonyms for carouser

someone who enjoys riotous drinking

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After few minutes the NH&MP officers SPO Akmal Hussain and PO Arshid Abbasi stopped the said Land Carouser near Satra Mil and arrested three culprits Shah Nawaz, Usman and Abdullah r/o Angori Road, Islamabad and took the Land Carouser into their custody.
Plummer, the callous carouser who was already a noted Shakespearean actor in Canada, was summoned to England by the Royal Shakespeare Company.
LOS ANGELES: The planet's "happiliest'' married man, Ashton Kutcher, was once a champion carouser until he met his wife five years ago and became a changed man.
A carouser and a cheat but truly in love with the game, he's unfit for any other employment when, like many other pro teams, the 'Dogs go broke.
One reason for the poor academic performance was that each McCain was a five-star binge drinker and carouser.
And there was gambling, and drinking: "Everyone drank, my grandfather especially; he was said to have been the greatest carouser of them all" {K}.
Her drinking got so bad fellow carouser Mitchum avoided meeting her in Madrid, an associate recalls in one of the book's most amusing, and bittersweet, anecdotes.
Here, for example, is Merton, a onetime carouser, "proud and boastful .
Fellow Wembley Wizard Hughie Gallacher was reputed to be Chelsea's greatest carouser.
It fits to a tee all the commonplaces of Pushkin's social reputation at the time: the "childish genius," a leaping, lascivious, loud-mouthed carouser, whom the Gypsy Tat'iana Dement'eva later likened to "an excitable monkey.
The Prince of The Famous Victories is a highwayman and carouser who consorts with like-minded companions, though these underworld friends belong to the knighthood rather than to the lower classes of Hal's mostly untitled and unlearned companions in Shakespeare's plays.
Dorsey, the believer and the artist, provides a worthy foil to Stagolee, the carouser, brawler and killer who has haunted far too many accounts of black pop.
Elizabeth, who believes that years of smoking and hotel living harmed Richard's health, says he was much more than a top notch carouser.
He is purported to have been a heavy drinker and carouser, and to have had a fiery and testy temperament.