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Synonyms for carouse



Synonyms for carouse

Synonyms for carouse

revelry in drinking

engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking

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Our friend James' choice is that we say "c'est la vie", go buy ourselves several bottles of Chianti and carouse in the outer car park till dawn.
If people want to drink and carouse all through the night, they can go to the city centre.
Garza's barbershop is the starting place for the after-hours action, where a group of locals drink, fight, and carouse nightly.
Reformed rabble-rouser Ronnie Carroll, who used to carouse with Sean Connery back in the 60s, has hit the campaign trail several times in recent years on behalf of the optimistically-named Rainbow Dream Ticket Party.
It is fitting then that Antrim sets his novel about Western culture's collection of critical tools in the library, where the brothers meet, eat, drink, carouse, and look at eighteenth-century pornography.
Alan Mackay and Mick Channon have already tasted success this season and Carouse (3.
Of course - an area where drinkers will be encouraged to gather, carouse, get drunk and generally carry-on in a way which elsewhere in the city centre would result in a hefty fine.
But why would a highly-paid Premiership footballer who takes stick from thousands every week bother to complain about something so trivial in the middle of summer, when there are holidays to take, mates to carouse with and bimbos to blag?
Look-alikes with silver-white beards wearing khaki shorts flocked to town as they have each July for years, to drink, carouse and see who looks most like Papa Hemingway.
Clearly, he's fully aware that a victory tonight translates into many millions of dollars and he appears to be doing all the right things: He doesn't party, carouse or skip workouts, the things for which Chavez, De La Hoya's last victim, is known.