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Synonyms for carouse



Synonyms for carouse

Synonyms for carouse

revelry in drinking

engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking

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.Daltrey 5.45 Wolverhampton SP forecast 11-8 No match for Carouse last time and will have to be on the ball from the outside stall if connections persevere with forcing tactics.
Thus, a national monument devoted to the right of gay people to carouse and to protest into the night forbids those same behaviors.
Smiling cartoon critters carouse with threatening cutout whales against a shifting comic landscape in these unique illustrated stories.
WOULD-BE pirates will carouse at a famous pub next Wednesday (Dec 4) when Liverpool Pirate Brethren starts its Pirate Tavern Nights, at the Baltic Fleet, in Wapping, at 8pm.
The French defender said that it is easy for a French player to lose himself in cosmopolitan London, as people in the English capital drink, carouse, and party far more than in France, the Sun reports.
Our students will always drink and carouse, and many of them will continue to seek apartments off campus.
Our friend James' choice is that we say "c'est la vie", go buy ourselves several bottles of Chianti and carouse in the outer car park till dawn.
If people want to drink and carouse all through the night, they can go to the city centre."
Garza's barbershop is the starting place for the after-hours action, where a group of locals drink, fight, and carouse nightly.
Yet its sheer size will require airports to modify boarding ramps, baggage carouse ls and in some instances, runways and taxiways.
Reformed rabble-rouser Ronnie Carroll, who used to carouse with Sean Connery back in the 60s, has hit the campaign trail several times in recent years on behalf of the optimistically-named Rainbow Dream Ticket Party.