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Synonyms for carouse



Synonyms for carouse

Synonyms for carouse

revelry in drinking

engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking

References in classic literature ?
In the mean time, Major Hartmann began to grow noisy and jocular; glass succeeded glass, and mug after mug was introduced, until the carousal had run deep into the night, or rather morning; when the veteran German ex- I pressed an inclination to return to the mansion- house.
And of course, when the bleeding remnants of Bob and Nicky were sent packing in their skiff, the event must needs be celebrated in further carousal.
Tenders are invited for Design Supply Installation Testing Commissioning Of 1 No Automatic Integrated Weight Correction Unit Unmanned For Kosel Carousals At Lpg Bottling Plant Guna
12] and he took part in drinking, carousals, and listening to music, until he died.
The artist explained that many of these works deal with late carousals until 5 a.
It also boasts 16 check-in counters, four security checkpoints, plus a modern conveyor baggage departure system with inline x-ray screening and three inclined baggage claim carousals in the arrivals hall.
And the village has its own cove, with three towering rocks standing guard over a tiny beach where the local artistic community is rumoured to bathe naked at night during noisy carousals.
Their night time carousals may have enhanced their sense of autonomy and served as a safety valve, releasing the steam of social disorder, but Ekirch comes to the inescapable conclusion that the lower classes must also have suffered severe and chronic sleep deprivation.
A short while later, when the suitors conspire to arouse Chaereas' jealousy by planting evidence of a komos at the door of the now married couple, Callirhoe responds to Chaereas' accusations by declaring: "No one has caroused at my father's house; perhaps your door is used to carousals, and your marriage is distressing to your lovers [erastai]" (1.