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a chemoreceptor located near the bifurcations of the carotid arteries

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The carotid body is a small structure of nerve tissue situated at the fork of the carotid artery.
These were patients who underwent operative procedures for space occupying lesions of the brain, spinal cord lesions and carotid body tumour.
The findings suggest that targeting the carotid body could provide an effective new treatment for high blood pressure.
The presence of a pulsatile anterior neck mass leads to suspicion of vascular anomalies like arteriovenous (AV) fistula, aneurysms, pseudoaneurysms, and carotid body tumors.
Studies [74, 75] have shown that hypoxia-induced carotid body dysfunction is related to processes such as the upregulation of renin-angiotensin system, inflammation in the carotid body, and oxidative stress.
Researchers of University of Bristol found that by removing the carotid body connection to the brain in rodents with high blood pressure, blood pressure fell and remained low.
Objective: Carotid body tumors (CBTs), especially familial paragangliomas, are rare benign neoplasm, accounting for less than 0.
In the head and neck, these tumours are often mistaken for other lesions such as enlarged lymph nodes, carotid body tumours, branchial cysts, or thyroid lesions (2,3).
Researchers working in genetics, oncology, biology, biochemistry, pediatrics, neuroscience, and other sciences in North America, Europe, and Australia address vascularization, ARD hydroxylation, hypoxia-inducible factor transcription factors, iron and oxygen homeostasis, mechanisms that lead to cell injury and morbidity or adaption and survival, mitochondria, molecular imaging, AMP-activated protein kinase, oxygen sensing in the carotid body, DNA modifications, and other topics.
Carotid body tumors are rare, benign, vascular, slow growing and invasive to adjacent structures.
These cells occur in several body locations such as the carotid body, aortic body, nodose ganglion of the vagus nerve, ciliary ganglion in the orbit, pancreas, bodies on the internal jugular vein below the ear, and glomus jugulare located at the recurrent branch of the glossopharyangeal nerve (CAPEN, 2002; 2007).
Carotid chemodectomas are called paragangliomas or carotid body tumors (Fig 1).
The physiologic benefits of supplemental oxygen are understood: It promotes oxygen supply to the body's tissues and inhibits activity of the carotid body, which monitors oxygen levels in the blood, explained Dr.