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any of a class of highly unsaturated yellow to red pigments occurring in plants and animals

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This fortunate matchup between the fatty acid and carotenoid profiles in avocado even extends to the relationship between avocado and other foods.
Held in Park City, Utah last week, DSM chaired a luncheon seminar entitled New perspectives in carotenoids and human health .
Provitamin A carotenoids, like alpha- and beta-carotene, impart the orange and yellow colors to many fruits and vegetables.
Table 1 shows the total carotenoid content([micro]g/g DW) in four types of Malaysian sweet potato SP; orange, yellow, purple and white SP for four weeks storage.
As mentioned, the carotenoid market has a lot of scope in medical field due to its newly discovered health benefits.
We also obtained reflectance spectra after carotenoid extraction in warm pyridine, an extraction that leaves the feather structure and most melanin (dull yellow through brown to black) pigments largely untouched (Hudon and Brush 1992).
Individuals with greater optimism tended to have greater levels of carotenoids such as beta-carotene,' said lead investigator Julia Boehm, of the Harvard School of Public Health Previous studies have shown that high blood levels of antioxidants - of which carotenoids are one form - may be a marker of good health.
Individuals with greater optimism tended to have greater levels of carotenoids such as beta-carotene," said lead investigator Julia Boehm of the Harvard School of Public Health.
Women whose diets included high levels of carotenoids were about 20% less likely to develop the disease than those consuming low levels.
A prior 2004 study from Iowa State University found that carotenoids were more bioavailable in full-fat dressings than in either low-fat or fat-free dressings.
Different concentrations of chemotherapeutical drugs were applied in combination with a non-toxic concentration (40[mu]M) of each carotenoid.
The orange patches on male guppies are made up of two pigments: carotenoids (which they ingest in their diets and are yellow) and drosopterins (which are red and which their bodies produce).
In the study the population as a whole, no association was noted between carotenoid intake and the risk of colon cancer.
presents 25 chapters describing ongoing research in the field of carotenoid research, spanning from basic studies to advanced applied biomedical research.
Pigmentation by carotenoid is important in commercial poultry industry because pigmentation level of egg yolk and broiler meat affect the product acceptability by consumers (Hernandez et al.