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excess carotene in the blood stream


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Unlike carotenemia, this condition is dangerous and requires medical attention.
Fluorescent Porphyrins Yellow-orange to red in daylight Pink-red fluorescence in ultraviolet light Biological Pigment Diseases or Neoplasms (a) Carotenes Lesions and tumors with high content of fat [alpha]-carotene Benign: Xanthomas, orange palpebral spots, and [beta]-carotene orange tonsils (Tangier disease), Lycopenes Xanthines (lutein, carotenemia (xanthoderma), lycopenemia, zeaxanthin) lipomas, fibrolipomas, lipoleiomyomas, Retinol (vitamin A) schwannomas, adrenal cortical adenomas, Others?
High fruit and vegetable intakes may be associated with carotenemia and infertility.
Too much of certain citrus fruits such as oranges or grapefruits could cause carotenemia, a clinical condition of the yellow pigmentation of the skin associated with increased blood carotene levels.
However, these side effects were for the most part either already well known (i.e., the skin turning blue from chronic ingestion of colloidal silver), so minor as to be hardly worth mentioning (e.g., constipation from valerian), or of no known clinical significance (i.e., carotenemia from ingesting beta-carotene and foods high in carotenoids).
These 15 articles address a range of issues, including the benefits of breastfeeding, breast anatomy and its effects on breastfeeding, incidences of carotenemia (high carotene levels due to ingestion of too many carrots, squash or sweet potatoes), ideas children and their caregivers have about fruits and vegetables, beverage consumption, the role of qualitative research in studies of child nutrition, diet and low income, psychological factors in weight gain, obesity prevention programs, solid food in infancy, French teenagers and their food, iron deficiency in infancy and its effects on humoral immunity, research in diet and dental caries, and assessments of protein hydrolysates and amino acids in infant formula.