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Synonyms for carom

to strike a surface at such an angle as to be deflected

Synonyms for carom

a glancing rebound

a shot in billiards in which the cue ball contacts one object ball and then the other

make a carom

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The ball caromed off the wall, struck Monday on the forehead, and then bounced over the wall.
It caromed into shallow center field, allowing Josh Barfield to trot home from third with the game's only run.
The ball hit the base runner and caromed into the hands of the second baseman who threw the batter/ runner out at first.
Edmonton had the best opportunity of the third period on a nice shot by Erik Cole that Thomas got a leg on before it caromed off the post.
Furcal tried to shoestring it, but it took a vicious hop and struck him between his left bicep and shoulder and caromed too far into shallow center field for Furcal to do anything about it.
The Kings tied it 5-all with 11:41 remaining when Kopitar's rising shot struck the right post and caromed off Fernandez's back before the goalie inadvertently swept it across the goal line with his left arm.
In the 17th minute, Juan Pablo Garcia's soft floater from the right side of the box beat Galaxy keeper Kevin Hartman, but the shot caromed off the left post and Hartman smothered the rebound.
But just as it came down, his foot slipped into the camera well, and he had to grab the railing to balance himself as the ball caromed off the top of the low wall and into the stands.
Seo faced the minimum number of batters over the next four innings, pitching around a single by Luis Gonzalez, which trickled up the line and caromed off third base, by getting another doubleplay grounder from Garrett Atkins in the fifth.
Pavarotti's appearance marked a classic conclusion to a sprawling, three-hour event that caromed from delicate to brassy, from pop to high- brow, from unreal to surreal, a healthy helping of night-chilled live theater that generally enthralled a Stadio Olimpico crowd of 35,000.
After holding the Bulldogs on the previous possession, La Canada got the ball to senior center Rhett Anderson on the right block with three seconds remaining, but his shot caromed off the backboard and the far rim.
Christie headed the ball in the net after Callewaert's shot caromed off the crossbar, but the linesman indicated to the center official that Christie was offsides before the ball was kicked.
Mason crossed a ball from 20 yards that caromed off the fingertips of Canyon goalkeeper Danielle Michel and landed at the feet of an unmarked Ladanyi, who tapped the ball into an open net in the ninth minute.
Lupul again collected the rebound and caromed it off the foot of Columbus defenseman Adam Foote into the net.
An Oregon punt caromed off William Buchanan's foot and the Ducks recovered, a Leinart pass went through Dwayne Jarrett's hands and was intercepted, a fourth-down Leinart pass sailed out of bounds, and a pair of third-down Leinart misfires led to punts.