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Synonyms for carom

to strike a surface at such an angle as to be deflected

Synonyms for carom

a glancing rebound

a shot in billiards in which the cue ball contacts one object ball and then the other

make a carom

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Carom, for example, does not include pockets and is played with three balls, while snooker is played using 22 balls, and pool with 15.
In a bowl mix together drumstick flowers, drumstick leaves, green chillies, turmeric powder, carom seeds, soda, ginger, garlic paste, salt and gram flour.
On Friday, compatriot Ryuji Umeda beat Vietnam's Duong Anh Vu in the carom three cushion singles final.
Although the words conjuring this scenario are bare-bones, the reading process occasioned by True Story is hardly straight-forward: The sentences intersect and carom off, and other words are visible behind those that one reads, which necessitates a head-bobbing, over-and-under perambulation through the work.
Ortiz, director, acted for the seller, Carom Associates LLC, while Aliza Avital, Associate, represented the purchaser.
The book re-creates the excitement of spontaneous seminar discussion, as minds come alive and ideas carom from one participant to another.
Inner-tubers will carom down a slope through "S" turns, straightaways and grades up to 25 degrees.
The men dressed in sarongs (costumes by Lies Van Assche) bounce off each other and carom into barrel turns that spin into the ground.
In addition to ECT's "minority equity interest," Papier Masson is staked by the TIAA-CREF retirement fund and insurer, the Ontario Municipal Employee Retirement System, one unidentified backer, and the Carom Point Investments of Papier Masson chairman and CEO Ashok Narang, a 20-year Consolidated Bathurst executive who later served at Pine Falls Paper and Tembec, which acquired both the Spruce Falls and Pine Falls newsprint mills.
If the foul tip does somehow hit the hand, it will carom off the palm or the fingers, not hit straight on.
My edition of The Washington Post Deskbook on Style, a relic of the Jimmy Carter years, displays "Careen (to move rapidly and uncontrollably, especially nautically); career (to move at full speed); carom (to glance off)." It does appear that the story is true to the local bible, but Cromer's comments are useful reminders about the importance of selecting the best word for the job.
It also is an invaluable aid to catch that errant screw that always seems to slip off the scope base and bounce to the vise, gathering speed, then carom off your work bench to find the most inaccessible corner of your workshop.
In the sporting event of the Basketball, Tug of War, kite flying, carom board, luddo were also organized between the teams of the college and later on the position holders were awarded trophies and certificates in connection with the International Women Day.
Officials in KMC claim that facilities for swimming, diving, tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, target practice, squash, snooker, table tennis, judo karate, chess and carom are available in the sports complex.