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a singer of carols

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Margie Myska, one of the group's organizers, said the carolers will gather about 7:30 p.
As carolers wander from house to house, they invariably overflow from sidewalks and stroll on the street.
The minors managed to get their loot past the guard by pretending to be carolers, said Senior Insp.
The Silent Voice Carolers have been practicing these two songs since November.
There will be live reindeer and face painting for the kids, live holiday music and carolers strolling throughout the community.
Whether it's listening to carolers sing or sipping hot chocolate while looking at the Christmas lights or riding in a horse-drawn carriage, everyone enjoys it.
the spirit of giving, the InterContinental Jordan takes pride in its yearly tradition of bringing Santa Clause & Christmas carolers from FUNMAN International to the orphanage,.
CHRISTMAS carolers will be filling a Tyneside Gospel Hall with their festive harmonies.
RP Miller tried to drive interest to the building about two weeks ago with carolers singing outside an open house at the project.
Celebrities, carolers, musicians and Guide Dogs for the Blind puppies, along with Santa Claus, will entertain Dec.
Newlyweds Jan and Bob Simpich began crafting handmade carolers as gifts for their family in 1952, for their friends the following year, and for an ever-growing circle of collectors in the time since.
Every year since the 1970s, a hardy contingent of carolers, sometimes numbering as many as five hundred in all, has assembled in front of the Polish Cultural Center on South Broadway in East Baltimore.
And don't forget the sound of music; if you want to treat someone to a seasonal concert, the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses--(202) 467-5830--can help find the carolers nearest you.
The filmmakers may be stretching the premise a bit by including sidewalk Santas, Salvation Army bands, and Christmas carolers, and we could have done with a few less Michael Jackson imitators, but, all in all, this is a sweeping portrait of the quirky acts that make life in the big city so fascinating.
CAROLERS RING OUT THEIR CHORUSES, THE smell of wood smoke hangs in the air and there's a Santa in every mall.