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The Ceratonia siliqua (Algarrobo tree, Carob tree) is an evergreen tree which belongs to the Fabaceae (pea) family.
They said to him, "There is no proof from a carob tree."
It is not uncommon for passers-by to pick the edible legumes, relatives of the pea family, of the carob tree to savor its odd combination of dry and sweet flavors.
Ripen fruits of carob tree were collected around Kazeroun in the middle of spring 2010.
"We say that those who sleep under an olive tree will wake refreshed, while those who sleep under a carob tree have bad dreams," Nicolas told me.
According to legend, the two men lived off spring water and the fruit of a miraculous carob tree during their years of hiding, and passed the time by writing books about Jewish mysticism..
(Bava Metzia 59b): "If the halacha is according to my view, let the carob tree prove it." And the carob tree was uprooted and moved 400 cubits.
Before remodeling, about all that this garden contained was a pocket-size deck, a buzz-cut carob tree, a tired lawn, and an old fiberglass fence.
"The carob tree was chosen as it's a beautiful tree to decorate roads and the entrances to villages."
My German guide Michael explained the carob tree - I'd previously associated it with luscious chocolate honey-style syrup - was the basis for an ancient bartering and weighing system.
They buried her and carved the words difunta Correa (deceased Correa) on the trunk of a nearby carob tree. Over her tomb they raised a small cross, fashioned from a few branches from the tree.
Our breakfast was eaten under the shade of the hotel's 400-year-old carob tree, and then we set out to explore.
Another field in Rizokarpaso with 25 olive trees and a carob tree was given to Dursun Ali Kol and Perihan Kol in 1995 who sold it three years later to a person named Destine Kocareis.