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For example, they have been inspired to utilise a technique seen elsewhere to protect carob trees in Anogyra from mice, by placing metal shields on the trunks of the trees which prevents access to the foliage and branches.
They said to him, "There is no proof from a carob tree.
Caromax(TM), a unique dietary fiber from the fruit of the carob tree, is well-suited for a wide variety of applications including healthy breads and other baked goods, breakfast cereals, snack foods and nutrition bars.
Stumpy, gnarled carob trees grow among the wheat and barley fields around the village and line the rocky trails that lead into the rolling countryside nearby, and the air was full of birdsong and the scent of orange blossom- a perfect day for walking.
Walking under a carob tree the other evening, I smelled a strong scent of chlorine bleach.
Should the Mediterranean sun get too hot, they can shelter under the shade of a 500-year-old carob tree.
If the halacha is according to my view, let the carob tree prove it.
Before remodeling, about all that this garden contained was a pocket-size deck, a buzz-cut carob tree, a tired lawn, and an old fiberglass fence.
It is not uncommon for passers-by to pick the edible legumes, relatives of the pea family, of the carob tree to savor its odd combination of dry and sweet flavors.
My German guide Michael explained the carob tree - I'd previously associated it with luscious chocolate honey-style syrup - was the basis for an ancient bartering and weighing system.
The carob tree was chosen as it's a beautiful tree to decorate roads and the entrances to villages.
Our breakfast was eaten under the shade of the hotel's 400-year-old carob tree, and then we set out to explore.
After all, the school has decided to keep the one carob tree on the campus, she said.
Even this hack, after 12 years of rolling out countless reports on Cyprob's wicked game of hide-and-seek, is reluctant to dance around the carob tree with enthusiasm or voice cautious optimism.
also has donated a carob tree for Valencia High School's campus and $15,000 worth of landscaping for new Hart Hall at William S.