carob bean

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On the other hand, the production of anemone, boletus edulis, phlomis, flower bulbs, ferns, winteraconite, erica, heather leaves, linden, snowdrops, broom, beech leaves, carob beans, balm, mistletoe, chamomile, and palms either decreased or remained relatively constant.
My wife collects carob beans from the ground, washes and nibbles on them most evenings -- when not, baked sunflower seed.
And stabilisers - like locust bean gum (E410) which is made from carob beans - help stop these ingredients from separating again.
Was she labouring with an adze in the fields, collecting carob beans into a hessian sack, irrigating olive groves or grazing goats or sheep in the hills and then captured, raped and murdered by those invading barbaric hordes, her body dragged into a hole in the ground and left to rot?