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a yellow radioactive mineral

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When Adakai's son--who, decades earlier, had ignored his wise father's advice by tipping off white prospectors to the presence of carnotite (uranium ore) on the reservation, in the hope of profiting--dies of lung cancer, Pasternak renders the event thus: "Then the founder slipped away, a victim of his own betrayal.
This is the Uravan Mineral Belt, where prospectors once dug for copper and amethyst and, beginning in 1898, a canary-yellow substance known as carnotite that was found to contain radium and uranium.
Associated minerals are: pascoite, sherwoodite, selenium, bariandite, devilline, rossite, hewettite, carnotite, clausthalite, coffinite, tyuyamunite, uraninite, corvusite, montroseite, roscoelite, galena, pyrite and tennantite.
News of the new valuable mineral carnotite, containing both uranium and vanadium (used to harden steel), had reached the United States (1).
Carnotite contains radium, used in early twentieth-century military luminescent dials and in cancer research; vanadium, a metal hardener added to steel for war machinery; and uranium, the fundamental fuel of the cold war and essential ingredient for nuclear power.
The sites allegedly became contaminated when radium extraction and application industries, operating in the area from about 1913 to 1925, disposed of their wastes (spent carnotite or pitchblende ores, byproducts, etc.