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a yellow radioactive mineral

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Primary minerals like uraninite, coffinite, pitchblende are found below water table while secondary minerals like uranophane, metatyuyamunite, carnotite are found in the the oxidized environments/above water table hosted by Vihowa group in Sulaiman, Manchar/Vihowa group in Kirthar and Potwar group in Kohat and Potwar basins.
"How could they be rewarded for piercing deep into Mother Earth ...?" When Adakai's son--who, decades earlier, had ignored his wise father's advice by tipping off white prospectors to the presence of carnotite (uranium ore) on the reservation, in the hope of profiting--dies of lung cancer, Pasternak renders the event thus: "Then the founder slipped away, a victim of his own betrayal.
This is the Uravan Mineral Belt, where prospectors once dug for copper and amethyst and, beginning in 1898, a canary-yellow substance known as carnotite that was found to contain radium and uranium.
sub.2] Siderite Fe#C[O.sub.3] Oxides Sulfides Cassiterite Sn[O.sub.2] Bornite (Cu sulfide) [Cu#.sub.5] Fe#[S#.sub.4] Hematite [Fe#.sub.2][O.sub.3] Chalcocite [Cu#.sub.2]S# Limonite (bog iron) Fe#O(OH) Chalcopyrite CuFe#[S#.sub.2] x [H.sub.2]O (Fe sulfide) Fe#[S#.sub.2] Magnetite [Fe#.sub.3][O.sub.4] Galena PbS# Shalerite ZnS# Phosphatic Minerals Trace Elements Apatite [Ca#.sub.5](F#,Cl#) Carnotite [K#.sub.2](U[O.sub.2]) [(P#[O.sub.4]).sub.3] [(V#[O.sub.4]).sub.2] Strengite FeP#[O.sub.4] x Fluorite Ca#[F#.sub.2] 2 [H.sub.2]O Variscite AlP#[O.sub.4] x Halite (Rock Salt) NaCl# 2 [H.sub.2]O Note: Essential macro- and micronutrients are indicated with #.
Associated minerals are: pascoite, sherwoodite, selenium, bariandite, devilline, rossite, hewettite, carnotite, clausthalite, coffinite, tyuyamunite, uraninite, corvusite, montroseite, roscoelite, galena, pyrite and tennantite.
News of the new valuable mineral carnotite, containing both uranium and vanadium (used to harden steel), had reached the United States (1).
A decade after the "Indian Wars" ended in the Western United States, a discovery was made that would generations later prove just as lethal to the native population: The Four Corners region, it turned out, had huge deposits of carnotite. Carnotite contains radium, used in early twentieth-century military luminescent dials and in cancer research; vanadium, a metal hardener added to steel for war machinery; and uranium, the fundamental fuel of the cold war and essential ingredient for nuclear power.