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large carnivorous bipedal dinosaur having huge claws

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After a wonderful opening (the trailer basically) in which a dino egg survives an attack by a ravenous carnosaur and winds up being deposited amid an island community of lemurs, to be raised as part of the tribe (stop me if you recognise any Tarzan echoes here), the world as they know it gets destroyed in a cataclysmic (and impressively created) meteor shower.
From the shape and size of the print, Weems has identified this beast as a member of the carnosaur group, which included distant relatives of Tyrannosaurus rex.
A special showcase of films from "King of the Cult Film" director/producer, Roger Corman, will air throughout the first quarter of 2012, including Battle Beyond the Stars, Bloodfist, Caged Heat, Carnosaur, Death Race 2000, Grand Theft Auto, Humanoids from the Deep, Rock n' Roll High School and Slumber Party Massacre.
Initial examination suggests that the fossils belong to carnosaurs -- aggressive, two-legged carnivores -- and sauropods, which were docile, four-legged herbivores.