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(used of plants as well as animals) feeding on animals

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In this sense the representation of the reptoid could be considered progressive, as it associates evil with contemporaneous notions of fascism, imperialism, assimilative capitalism, hierarchy, war, and carnivorousness.
It is a way some of us deal with our carnivorousness without passing, as it were, the buck to somebody else to do our killing for us.
This does, however, inadvertently raise a serious issue for vegetarians: how do we reconcile our love for animals with the carnivorousness nature requires of many of them?
When the idea of human-simian descendence began to gain a concrete conceptual reality in the post-1872 French social imaginary, the Rousseauian image of the "Noble Savage" and "Man in the State of Nature" (that is, the early stages of mankind as conceptualized in the eighteenth and prior centuries), gradually degenerated into representions of "primitives" and "savages" who were characterized by physical signs of simian/animal origins, such as small heads, sloping foreheads, hairiness, length and agility of limbs, carnivorousness, and ferocity.
And so, while the battle rages, we see a wounded bird struggling pathetically on the ground, or a snake trailing with malice aforethought toward a soldier (who thinks his only problem is the gunfire in front), or a swarm or' bats in the trees, chittering with overtones of mockery and carnivorousness.