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The significance of opportunistic predators for the sympatric carnivorous plant species Drosera intermedia and Drosera rotundifolia.
His path to carnivorous plants may have started when he was a boy, but it formed later in a career in public education.
Although it is generally accepted that carnivorous plants lure prey to their leaves (Juniper el al.
In essence these three bromeliads possess the ability to attract, retain, digest and absorb insect prey in fundamentally the same ways as other known carnivorous plants.
vallisneriifolia, like all carnivorous plant species analyzed to date, as a green, [C.
Most carnivorous plants are potentially confronted by an interesting dilemma.
Tim Bailey, Chairman of the UK Carnivorous Plant Society, tasked with organizing this year's event said: "The event will bring together the biggest display of carnivorous plants ever seen in Europe.
Like all plants, carnivorous plants make their own food through a process called photosynthesis (foh-toh-SIN-the-sis).
After tentatively putting my fingers in a carnivorous plant at this year's Gardeners World show, I was warned to read a tale by a rather disturbed individual who just had to ask the question, "Can Venus flytraps digest human flesh?
A GIANT carnivorous plant has been discovered by a team of scientists in the central Philippines, and named after Sir David Attenborough.
Ten different species of this carnivorous plant are on show in the new "Terror" exhibit.
Carnivorous plants If you're curious about pitcher plants and Venus flytraps for your indoor garden, check out these and many other plants at the carnivorous plant exhibit Chomp
In a major draw for sci-fi fans and green-fingered gardeners, the first-ever successfully cultivated carnivorous plant will go on show at the capital's Royal Horticultural Show.