carnivorous bat

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Answers will vary but should include: It's important for workers at a rescue center to be able to tell the difference between the types of bats because they need to make sure that they feed the different species of bat the correct food, For example, since a carnivorous bat's saliva lacks amylase, it is not able to digest fruits and other starchy foods that are the staples of an herbivore's diet,
They belong to an ancient family of carnivorous bats and are placed in super family Rhinolophoidae along with rhinopomatid and rhinolophid bats in the Suborder Yinpterochiroptera (Springer et al.
Carnivorous bats such as Megaderma lyra or the greater fishing bat, Noctilio leporinus, could adopt a lunar phobic behavior in order to feed when they are more likely to detect and capture prey.