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(used of plants as well as animals) feeding on animals

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Mike, from Wrockwardine Wood in Telford, is a big name in the carnivorous plants world.
compacta, both of which are said to be carnivorous. Miss Davies says:--"The radula is large, as is usual in the carnivorous land mollusca." This radula, or lingual ribbon, measured in the specimen examined by Miss Davies about 20 x 5 mm, which is about five times the area of that of an ordinary slug or snail of equal size.
Many farmers intentionally mix a small number of these carnivorous fish with carp.
However, in a new work, a group of scientists found a shark species that isn't truly carnivorous and can even survive on a plant-based diet.
This stunningly illustrated and easy-to-use field guide covers every species of the world's carnivorous animals, from the gray wolf of North America to the dholes of Asia, from African jackals to the South American bush dog.
Review of Carnivorous Plants: Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution, Aaron Ellison and Lubomir Adamec.
On a hot, sunny African day the thirsty jungle animals find that a carnivorous crocodile has claimed the waterhole all for himself.
Iron accumulation was attributed to ingestion of a carnivorous bird diet or selectively eating too much fruit and vegetables high in ascorbic acid.
CARNIVOROUS PLANTS FOR KIDS With many kids hooked on scary stories such as Stranger Things, what better way to feed fertile imaginations than with one of the various carnivorous plants.
The Kayentapus Ambrokholohali was a huge carnivorous dinosaur which roamed southern Africa 200 million years ago.
Almost six decades on, Szesze has turned a former Christmas tree farm - tucked away in the Catoctin Mountain ridge of Maryland - into one of the richest nurseries for carnivorous plants in the country.
He is a National Collection holder and Gold Medallist He will give a presentation on these fascinating insect eating plants and other carnivorous species, and will have plants for sale.
Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants that have a pitfall trap, or a prey-trapping mouth which leads to a giant pitcher filled with digestive fluid.
Carnivorous Plants: Gardening With Extraordinary Botanicals