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20) By the early 1940s, the extraction of xerophilous plants such as the carnauba palm (wax), oiticica tree (oil), castor seed (oil), and the caroa cactus (hemp-like fiber) complemented cotton as the state's leading ex-port commodities.
Relocating from Connecticut to the rich farmland of Brooksville, Florida, Zymol has already planted thirteen test Carnauba Palm trees (Copernica Prunifera) with plans to plant more.
flew the legendary amphibious plane 15,000 miles to Brazil in 1935, searching for a sustainable source of wax -- the Carnauba palm tree.
s 15,000-mile journey sought a sustainable source of wax for the company -- the carnauba palm tree.
Carnauba: A Son's Memoir" tells the story of the travels of Sam Johnson and his sons, Fisk and Curt through Brazil in a replica 1935 Sikorsky S-38 plane, retracing his father's search for the rare carnauba palm.