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hard yellowish to brownish wax from leaves of the carnauba palm used especially in floor waxes and polishes

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With the poor carnauba crop last year due to poor weather conditions in Brazil, we have seen significant cost increases fbr carnauba-based products.
Integracao de agentes de controle biologico com bicarbonato de sodio (NaHCO3) e cera de carnauba no controle de Penicillium digitatum Baseado nos resultados dos ensaios anteriores, um ensaio preliminar foi realizado com o objetivo de testar 2 isolados de B.
Coatings containing beeswax were more effective in inhibiting enzymatic browning than coatings containing carnauba wax.
Polymers: EVAC copolymer A -- 85[degrees]C -- melt index 400, EVAC copolymer AA --85[degrees]C -- melt index 250, EVAC copolymer B -- 105[degrees]C, EVAC copolymer C -- 120[degrees]C, EVAC copolymer D -- 124[degrees]C, carnauba wax -- from Michelman, Inc.
Italia and Fred Darling winner Carnauba (Luigi Turner).
- Some of the most commonly used waxes used in the cosmetic industry include candelilla wax, carnauba wax, rice bran wax, sunflower wax, berry wax, honey wax, and mimosa wax.
Naturescrub products are based on 100% natural waxes such as Carnauba and Montan wax.
The Wax Includes Brazilian Carnauba Wax and the finest Bavarian Montan Wax, to deliver a brilliant shine.
Os SSs de manga 'Tommy Atkins' recoberta com cera de carnauba, apos 19 dias a 15[degrees]C (BALDWIN et al., 1999), foram superiores aos deste trabalho.
External mold-release agents include a spray-on, carnauba wax-based product.
HYDROCER PE, PTFE, polyamide, carnauba and blends pre-wetted for aqueous systems.
Carnauba (Luigi Turner/ Georges Doleuze), who came from Italy to take the Fred Darling Stakes at Newbury last month, strikes on home territory when beating Zeolide Lecrau (Marcello Andreucci) in the Oaks d'Italia in Milan.
The process aids that have been found to work well are Carnauba wax, Vanfre VAM and VPA #3.
(2005) tambem verificaram, no armazenamento de mamao formosa, PMF crescente ao utilizar cera de carnauba ou embalagens de poliamidas a 10[degrees]C e a 90% UR.
This is optionally solid or semi-solid at room temperature and contains a carrier including higher alkyl amine, higher fatty acids and carnauba wax.