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a white or reddish mineral consisting of hydrous chlorides of potassium and magnesium

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The drilling is targeting a large carnallite resource within the Sergipe Basin, similar to the style of mineralization being developed by Vale as described below.
There, the carnallite is dewatered, crystallized, leached, dried, and screened into three grades of potash.
They include carnallite, cuprite, dolomite, gypsum, halite, hematite, magnesite, pyrite, quartz, rectorite, rinneite, sylvite and syngenite.
The Solikamsk plant so far obtains magnesium from carnallite supplied by the Urals-based Silvinit company.
The evaporite beds are mainly sylvinite (co-deposited sylvite and halite) with carnallite in places.
This Wynyard Carnallite Project win demonstrates that clients continue to value our expertise and strengths in executing projects in remote locations, where we utilize modularization, lean construction and innovative methodologies to deliver a cost-effective execution strategy," said Umberto della Sala, Chief Operating Officer, Foster Wheeler AG.
15 Brazil Dolomite Bolzano Serbia Dolomite Former Soviet Union Russia Carnallite Electrolytic 0.
It is composed of alternating layers of halite, clay, anhydrite, gypsum, sylvite, polyhalite, and locally abundant carnallite, langbeinite, and lesser salts.
Republic of Congo held a press briefing in Toronto in June outlining plans to develop a carnallite deposit and the eventual construction of a 100K mt/yr magnesium production plant in conjunction with Congo Minerals, Inc.
It is anticipated that if chemical assays from Area B confirm field observations of extensive sylvinite, carnallite and kainitite mineralisation similar to that demonstrated at Area A, the economics of the entire Colluli Project will be substantially enhanced.
The Government of Thailand restarred investigations of possible methods to mine the carnallite deposit at Bainnet Narong (the ASEAN potash mine) and began development of the salt portion of the mine.
These large borate nodules are rare, and appear to be associated with an indistinct carnallite band found at or near the base of the Boulby Potash in the north and west of the mine.