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Synonyms for carnality

a preoccupation with the body and satisfaction of its desires

Synonyms for carnality

feeling morbid sexual desire or a propensity to lewdness

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Romans 7:14) In the ancient world, carnality was both the consequence and the justification of slavery; the carnal man was a natural slave, and slavery was therefore his proper position.
hide, it cannot disappear itself, its lucent carnality works like a
But for most of us, carnality lurks in the periphery of consciousness, like the unsettling Saint Bernard in "Airbag" that stalks the edges of a faculty party while the arrival of a dwarf upsets the department's habitual repressions.
Those who fail to keep "trawpe" with God and to obey his covenants have negative attributes conventionally seen as "Jewish," such as blindness, carnality, and disrespect for God, while positive figures, including Jewish patriarchs, display "Christian" attributes of faith, courtliness, and gratitude towards God.
It's a shattering performance of a self-abusive New York bachelor who avoids intimacy with the compulsive pursuit of carnality.
When the film originally came out, in 1987, I was 11, and there was little room in my worlda mess of dungeons, dragons, and video gamesfor its sweaty celebration of carnality and the Catskills.
Far from encouraging jolly rogering, a recurring motif in the plays is the expression of a revulsion against carnality, "honeying and making love over the nasty sty.
She was innocence and grace; he was carnality and corruption.
Nevertheless, many of the same tropes used to characterize Jews--such as their carnality and literalism--were used to describe Muslims.
Maybe the approachable, folksy tunes make it so memorable, not to mention the carnality of the texts.
1) While an ego is arguably circumscribed by flesh, it is not usually considered fleshy; Loy's use of "carnose" asks us to reconfigure the ego as inseparable from its body, and this demand jars against the definition of carnality as opposed to all things spiritual or intellectual.
The third-act bordello scene has the view reversed: we are now looking out into an opera house from the stage, with the choir shedding their clothes and busy with their carnality.
but there is a smattering of international authors, too: a story set in Italy from a Swedish writer features some butch-on-butch carnality behind a church; a noted French erotica writer brings a mysterious American to a Parisian domme.
And yet today it could seem seamy; especially if postmarked Mykonos, the renowned 'gay island', which markets itself on casual carnality.
Accepting the invitation to think and change the mother/daughter relationship, this paper unravels a series of associations Irigaray makes between angels, the placental relation, carnality and divinity.