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Synonyms for carnality

a preoccupation with the body and satisfaction of its desires

Synonyms for carnality

feeling morbid sexual desire or a propensity to lewdness

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The connection is succinctly expressed in the Pauline epistles: "I am carnal, sold under sin." (Romans 7:14) In the ancient world, carnality was both the consequence and the justification of slavery; the carnal man was a natural slave, and slavery was therefore his proper position.
Reyes considers the connections between the pulp and Gothic traditions in order to demonstrate how the new avant-pulp self-consciously collapsed "illicit carnality and viscerality into gothic transgression" (77), creating a unique sub-genre opposed to the intellectualism of the English novel and poised at the boundaries between counterculture and mainstream.
Album opener Skulldiggin reverberates with buzzing guitar and Lewis's vocal howl, part Jimi Hendrix cool, part James Brown carnality and stubbed toe anguish.
However here--surprisingly--Houellebecq's hero, once stubbornly addicted to acts of acrobatic carnality, discovers the redemptive power of love.
Karen Gubb, whose paper Re-embodying the analyst is the latest winner of the Mervin Glasser Postgraduate Student Prize, reminds us of the carnality of the 'talking cure' by focusing on the meaning the patient makes of the therapist's physicality.
Without the rush of its predecessors, it's still full of characters, carnality and concepts of masculinity.
hide, it cannot disappear itself, its lucent carnality works like a
But for most of us, carnality lurks in the periphery of consciousness, like the unsettling Saint Bernard in "Airbag" that stalks the edges of a faculty party while the arrival of a dwarf upsets the department's habitual repressions.
Those who fail to keep "trawpe" with God and to obey his covenants have negative attributes conventionally seen as "Jewish," such as blindness, carnality, and disrespect for God, while positive figures, including Jewish patriarchs, display "Christian" attributes of faith, courtliness, and gratitude towards God.
The base of the sculpture is painted in oxblood and orange, colours associated with carnality; with meat, fire and sexuality whereas the tail is ethereal, pointing towards the boundless freedom of the sky and the luminous promise of eternity.
It's a shattering performance of a self-abusive New York bachelor who avoids intimacy with the compulsive pursuit of carnality.
When the film originally came out, in 1987, I was 11, and there was little room in my worlda mess of dungeons, dragons, and video gamesfor its sweaty celebration of carnality and the Catskills.
He ascribes to him the "climate of permissiveness" that blossomed in the 20th century--including the normalization of "homosexuality and every other kind of freakiness." (Excuse me?) He calls him a "sex god," "an enthusiastic participant in this festival of carnality" that was the theatre of his time, and a compulsive purveyor of "dirty bits"--the term is revealing.
She was innocence and grace; he was carnality and corruption.
He seems to share something of the revulsion against "the physicality of heterosexual lovemaking" he identifies as a recurrent theme in Shakespeare's plays (40), as when he says the poet "wallows in carnality" in Measure for Measure (116).