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10) Unless the government opens the door by either stating or implying the victim was somehow traumatized by the carnal knowledge, it will be difficult for the defense to carry this burden.
There were men sentenced for carnal knowledge with force.
The girl opened up and told her aunt that it was Baba (Ezeigbo) that had carnal knowledge of her.
Homosexuality is illegal in Tanzania, where the penal code states that any person who "has carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature .
Candice Bergen is rumoured to have fallen for his charms as they filmed Carnal Knowledge, and Bond girl Jill St John, model Marie Helvin, shipping heiress Christina Onassis, and drinks heiress Sabrina Guinness are among his other reputed conquests.
Currently, Article 333 says adultery is committed by a married woman who shall have sexual intercourse with a man not her husband and by the man who has carnal knowledge of her, knowing her to be married, even if the marriage is subsequently declared void.
MIKE Nichols, a nine-time Tony Award winner on Broadway and the Oscar-winning director of films such as Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The Graduate and Carnal Knowledge, died on Wednesday at age 83, ABC News said.
His record included cases of attempted unlawful carnal knowledge and lewd and libidinous practices.
The man pleaded guilty to six counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16 and four counts of incest in having carnal knowledge.
The 71-year-old child molester was jailed for 10 years in 2003 for attempted rape, attempted unlawful carnal knowledge and indecent assault.
But Jonas receives his most significant "Private Lessons" from Pierre, who repeatedly drills him in matters of calculus, Camus and, eventually, carnal knowledge.
Carnal knowledge in this instance provided real knowledge--and certainty in the face of uncertainty.
Directed by Mike Nichols, who had won acclaim for The Graduate, Carnal Knowledge is a film which for many epitomises the attempts of filmmakers in this decade to discuss perviously taboo topics.
He began hosting Carnal Knowledge, a late-night game show, and had a part in Father Ted.
It also established director Mike Nichols as one of the brightest new young talents of the era - He had already received critical acclaim for his debut film Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf, and went on to direct other classic films like Catch-22 and Carnal Knowledge.